McKay’s Music Inc is a team of Musicians, Teachers, and Band Directors combining 30+ years of experience to focus on providing students of all ages with music education and mentorship. In a world where music education is consistently being removed from school curriculums due to the lack of funding, our team provides an alternative way to educate the next generation of musicians. Offering music lessons directly to students and partnering with Schools and Community Centers to offer music classes, camps, workshops, and band programs within their budget and tailored to their needs.

According to the National Association for Music Education, music can have a profound impact on its students and help to improve their academic skills, cultivate their social skills, refine their discipline and boost their self-esteem. Qualities that can help improve the citizens of our society for the next generation. Consistent opportunities to develop one’s musical abilities is not only a want but a need within our communities today.

Charles McKay the founder of McKay’s Music Inc. and a prodigy of the public-school system greatly benefited from the music classes and band programs offered to him during his years of schooling. This opportunity led to a scholarship to attend Florida A&M University where he became of a brother of Kappa Kappa Psi and marched with the Marching 100. Having profound knowledge and first-hand experience of the benefits of such programs partnered with his wife Lakeshia McKay a marketing consultant to help revitalize music education for the next generation.

Our Mission
Create global awareness about the value of music education through the use of music lessons and programs that help shape and mentor the next generation.

Our Vision
A world where music education is used as a primary tool to help empower its students and embrace individuality.

Our Values
Provide superior service with transparency and integrity for the success of our communities and its citizens.